Qr Code Integration With Android Platform

We are using ZXing (pronounced “zebra crossing”) image processing libraries to scan QR Code using Android device. The solution involves easy steps to integrate Zxing libraries with Android to direct auto scan of QR Code. We are using Android environment for development that Eclipse Java IDE.
Setp1: Acquire Zxing libray (Zxing 1.7 release bundle) from here (http://code.google.com/p/zxing/downloads/list)
Step2: Extract the zip bundle.
Step3: Create a new Android sample Project in Eclipse for QR Code Auto Scanner Test and set target to Android 2.2 SDK version.
Step4: Locate Android folder from the extracted bundle and pick CaptureActivity.java source file.
Step5: Also locate Core folder and import the source into the above sample project.
Step6: Change the package name of above CaptureActivity.java file to match the above sample project package structure.
Step7: Design a sample page with a SCAN button to add to the above sample project.
Step8: Add navigation to SCAN button click event as shown below
Intent scanner = new Intent(QRCodeAutoScannerTest.this, CaptureActivity.class); startActivity(scanner);
Step9: Change the existing manifest file to add the below filters

Step10: Also change manifest file to add the below permissions

Step11: Compile the project.
Step12: Deploy into 2.2 Android devices to test the App.

Author: admin